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"Haar en make up workshops voor zangers en instrumentisten"olv Gidon Saks

gingen door op zondag 28 september en zondag 9 november 2014 in Zulte

Dit mochten de deelnemers verwachten

"An opportunity to discover the pleasure of stage make up and its ability to transform, improve

and altogether change your appearance.

From basic steps to more challenging and complicated options.

These techniques are also applicable to day make up.

How much more make up should one wear for auditions?

And how does lighting affect the finished product?

We'll also look at how hair works for different make up styles.

You will also get advice on which make up and accessories are best and where to buy them cheaply!"

Gidon Saks, is een allround artiest:

internationaal bas-bariton, super regisseur, fantastische docent

en ook een bijzondere Haar en make up artist!


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